About us

MD Zobu tehnika” Ltd was founded in 2001. During the time of the company operation extensive experience in manufacturing of dental prostheses of different types and complexity levels have been collected; Only highly qualified experts, who will attempt to offer the most appropriate solution to satisfy your desires for the maximum acceptable price work for us.


Keeping in mind that technically and mechanically correct construction lies at the basis of durability of the prostheses, our laboratory is equipped with the technological equipment of worldwide approved companies and the best raw materials are used for our work. MD Zobu tehnika can offer the highest quality, and mechanical safety dental prostheses.


Strict quality control norms have been introduced in the operation of the company, all our work is subject to internal control. Work organisation is being improved constantly.


The aim of cooperation of the laboratory and the prosthetist to restore the functions and cosmetics of the oral cavity. We believe that maximum cooperation of the laboratory, the doctor and the patient, which is reinforced by sense of responsibility forms the base of a successful therapy. This is why we approach the needs of each customer individually and always try to reach the best result. By our success and perseverance we have demonstrated to our customers that we are a reliable cooperation partner by providing the people with the possibility to have a wide smile.


Believe in what you see, not what is told to you.